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Prepaid Direct Cremation Plans: Our Direct Cremation Option

What’s Included?

Our Direct Cremation Plan is a cremation plan without a funeral service. As with all of our prepaid cremation plans, the cost can be spread over monthly payments or paid as a lump sum. Please see the calculator below for details.

The Direct Cremation Plan includes the collection of the deceased in a suitable vehicle, the provision of a standard coffin, and all third-party costs with the exception of Doctors Fees (Doctors Fees are not required in all cases and are likely to be removed with changes in legislation in the near future. Therefore, we felt it unfair to include such costs). If cremation without a funeral is appropriate for you and your family, this is the option we recommend. The cremated remains will be supplied in suitable packaging to be collected from the facility, giving you the freedom to commemorate your loved one however you choose.

Prepaid Funeral Plan Calculator

Direct Cremation Option


Or, from £8.82 per month

  • Cremation at one of our crematoria
  • Collection of the deceased
  • Fixed price as published
  • Funeral Service – This option does not come with a funeral service
  • Attendance – This option does not include attendance
  • Crematoria of your choice – One of our crematoria only
  • Doctors Fees – if required

For a funeral service please view our Contemporary or Traditional options.
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