Please note, these packages are for a funeral for someone who has recently passed away.

Affordable Prices

*Savings are calculated when comparing the average cost of a basic funeral of £4,141 published in the SunLife Cost of Dying Report 2024.

Our Direct Cremation Funeral from £1,095 SAVES £3,046
Our Attended Personal Funeral Service from £1,675 SAVES £2,466


Affordable Coffins

The Morpeth Coffin is included in all our funeral packages, The Morpeth is a light oak coffin.

If you wish to explore other options available as an additional cost we provide Affordable Coffin Upgrades.

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Affordable Ashes Delivery

Our renowned UK wide ashes delivery service is nationwide from £100.

Collecting at an agreed time we will transport the ashes to the required destination.

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