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For help and advice call 0800 862 0150

For help and advice call 0800 862 0150

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Compare our funeral options from £950

We provide the most affordable cremation options in the UK

For help and advice call 0800 862 0150

Affordable quality funeral options

Low Cost Funeral Ltd has developed a selection of direct low-cost cremation options to satisfy public demand for the same throughout England, Scotland and Wales only.

We offer 4 cremation services that allow you to make significant savings on the cost of a high funeral by allowing you to choose only the services that are relevant to you and eliminating those that you feel are unnecessary or not required. By removing these costs families can make significant savings. These savings can be as much as 75%.

What services are provided and how much do they cost?

Increasingly, some families wish to avoid many of the costs associated with a traditional funeral. This may be driven by:

A financial need.

A desire not to have a funeral service but a memorial service instead.

A lack of religious commitment.

A desire to spend the associated costs elsewhere.

A private preference – such as made by the late David Bowie.

In order to provide a service that meets such demands, we have developed the below low-cost funeral options. These can reduce the cost of a funeral by as much as £3,234 (Source: Sun Life Cost Of Dying Report 2020) compared to a traditional funeral.

In the event that you feel that a traditional funeral service might involve you in the provision of a number of services that are not applicable to your requirements and so involve you in unnecessary costs as a result, we are able to offer you the following low-cost cremation services:

Direct Cremation

from £950

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Compare Our Affordable Funeral Options

Direct Cremation
full price £950*
Virtual Service
full price £1250*
Intimate Family Service
from £1395
Celebration of Life Service
from £1849
Without a service
Recorded service
With a service
(restricted times)
With a service
Cremation fees
Subject to selection
Choice of crematorium to hold the service
Professionally edited Visual Tribute
Additional charge
Personal Music Choice
1 Song
1 Song
Funeral Directors professional services
Attending to all necessary funeral arrangements
Advice on certification and registration
Family support and guidance
Removal of deceased to Funeral Director’s premises (from hospital or mortuary anywhere in UK)
Suitable for Cremation or Burial
Cremation only
Cremation only
Attending to all necessary funeral arrangements for burial
Organising the cremation at the crematorium
Delivery of coffin to crematorium or cemetery
Preparation and care of the deceased prior to the funeral
All staff required
Provision of eco box or poly urn for ashes to be collected
Funeral Service
Recorded 15 min
Celebrant minister to provide religious or non religious service
Minister/Celebrant fees
Additional charge
Additional charge
Funeral service time agreed with the family
Specify requests including choice of music, hymns, readings, dress code, service and eulogy content
Funeral Procession including Hearse
Additional charge
Additional charge
Conductor and 4 bearers
Additional charge
Additional charge
Additional charge
Additional charge
Medical certification fees required for cremation (only required in England & Wales when coroners report not available; NOT payable in Scotland)
Additional charge
Additional charge
Additional charge
Additional charge
Viewing of the deceased in the chapel of rest
Additional charge
Additional charge
Burial Plot
*Excluding extras
*Excluding extras

Make an Online Funeral Enquiry

Our fully trained staff, who are dedicated to assisting bereaved families, will be happy to discuss and advise in all cases what is included and not included in each option.

To privately discuss the funeral service you prefer please contact us by completing and submitting the below form.

Your enquiry will receive our immediate attention.

    We provide the most affordable cremation options in the UK

    For help and advice call us: 0800 862 0152

    Frequently asked questions

    How much are cremation charges?

    Cremation prices in the UK vary from £364 to £1,070 and with a typical average fee of £850.

    Cremation fees are included on our Direct Cremation package and we only charge you the fee that is charged to us by the crematorium of your choice on our Contemporary Cremation package.

    Additional services and options

    On all services, Doctor’s Certification Fees (required in England and Wales only when the Coroner is not involved) are payable at the standard fee set by Government. Two certificates are usually required costing £82.00 each (currently only one is charged for) and are not included in the quoted price.

    Cremated remains (ashes) can be returned to you by hand and within 28 days of the date of the cremation. This service is available anywhere in mainland UK for an additional charge of £100.

    The prices quoted above are the totals needed to satisfy the selected option. Normally there would be nothing extra to pay.

    * The only circumstances where the additional cost would be incurred is if removal is needed from either a private residence or a nursing home or the deceased requires a coffin larger than 6’ 3” x 24” (1.91m x 61cm). In both cases, an additional £250.00 would be charged. We only engage quality local funeral directors to work with us.

    ** The “Direct” option relates to cremations taking place in a Memoria facility without a service. The “Contemporary Option” caters for families wishing to have an attended service at a Crematorium of their choice. While we offer a service guarantee and a 1-hour slot (to include arrival and departure) for services at Memoria crematoria, this cannot be extended to the non-Memoria crematorium selected in the case of our “Contemporary Option”.

    *** The Traditional option can include a hearse, limousines, a chapel of rest, a selected type of coffin and anything else you deem appropriate. Memoria’s principle of affordable quality still applies, we believe our traditional range offers excellent value against the rest of the market.

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