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For help and advice call 0800 862 0150

Help and advice

If someone has passed away, our friendly and supportive team are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For help and advice call 0800 862 0150

What to do when someone dies

If the person died at home call your GP and nearest relative immediately.

If the GP has seen the deceased in the last 28 days for what he/she believes has caused death then he/she can certify the death.

However, if the GP has not seen the deceased in last 28 days, or has seen the deceased in the last 28 days but not for what he/she believes has caused the death then the coroner is informed.

If the person died in hospital then the body will usually stay in the hospital mortuary until a funeral director or the relative arrange for the body to moved to a chapel of rest or home.

A Medical certificate of the Cause of Death (MCCD) is issued by the doctor who was treating the deceased, unless the coroner needs to be informed.

In April 2014, Medical Examiners will be introduced to independently scrutinise and confirm the cause of death when it is not referred to the coroner, they will also be the primary source of general medical advice to coroners. This role is currently being piloted in a number of locations in the UK.

When a death is referred to the coroner he is likely to request an autopsy (post-mortem investigative operation) to be carried out.

If the coroner, after the autopsy has been carried out views there is no reason for an inquest an Order of Burial can be issued, or in the case of cremation a Certificate of Coroner, Form Cremation 6.

If the coroner believes an inquest needs to occur there are three options:-

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Help and Advice

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We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 0800 862 0150

If someone has died and you would like to contact us, please use the form below

Our fully trained staff, who are dedicated to assisting bereaved families, will be happy to discuss and advise in all cases what is included and not included in each option. To privately discuss the funeral service you prefer please contact us by completing and submitting the below form.

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