Affordable Funerals is a Funeral Division of the Memoria Group that owns and operates its own award winning state-of-the-art beautiful crematoria strategically located across the UK. Affordable Funerals is dedicated to enacting the Memoria Mission Statement. This is both our aim and achievement because we realise that, while the aims of this statement are excellent, they must be put into action with every single family that engages our services across the United Kingdom. We understand that those words are meaningless unless they are supported by dedicated and distinguished service.


The founder’s family have been funeral Directors since 1850. Today, they represent a national network of our staff and funeral directing Memoria Brand Partners who combine to offer you a diverse choice of funeral packages that will suit the funeral service that your family feels is appropriate while being at a price you can feel comfortable with.

We also own a national network of crematoria and burial grounds that also operates to the highest standards of service and facility with diverse offerings and prices.

Together, we work to ensure that you will receive everything that you have selected and at the price that you decided would suit your budget’.

You can contact Affordable Funerals 24-hours a day

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We provide Affordable Funerals across England, Scotland and Wales.

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