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Direct Cremation

Direct Cremation – Lowest Possible Cost

Cremation Without A Funeral

Direct cremation is a simple, dignified option in which your loved one is cremated without a funeral service or ceremony. Sometimes known as an unattended cremation, by removing the service, the family of the deceased or those responsible for arrangements can make substantial savings of between £2000 and £6000 compared to traditional funeral costs.

Our lowest possible cost “Direct Option” is a cremation without a service time or attendance, which includes the collection of the deceased in a suitable vehicle, the provision of a standard coffin with four handles and a name plate and the cremated remains scattered in the Garden of Remembrance at the crematorium or returned to you within 28 days anywhere in mainland UK for an additional charge.

Doctor’s fees for cremation papers are payable in England & Wales if the death is not referred to a coroner. These cost an additional £164 in total.

If you wish to have a cremation with a funeral service, please view our cremations with a funeral service page.

Who Is Direct Cremation For?

A direct cremation is perfect for those who wish to commemorate their loved one in their own way. Aside from the obvious savings, direct cremation offers you more flexibility, allowing you to pay a fair price for the services that are needed, whilst avoiding the costs for services that you feel are not appropriate for you.

Many people wish to hold their own private ceremonies or purchase a memorial and they use the savings to do so. For others, it is the wishes of the deceased to hold a no fuss cremation. Sometimes it’s simply too hard to gather all those who wish to attend at a specific location at a fixed time. In this instance, direct cremations offer more flexibility to organize a private ceremony at a time and location of your choosing. A direct cremation is also perfect for individuals who have no close family or haven’t made a financial provision in their will.

  • Perfect for all religious and non-religious ceremonies
  • Those who want a no fuss cremation
  • People who wish to have a celebration of life away from a crematorium
  • Individuals who have no close family or haven’t made a financial provision
  • Anyone wishing to save money on traditional funeral costs without compromising quality and personal service
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Direct Cremation Near Me

We’re the leading provider of direct cremations in England, Scotland and Wales only. As attendance isn’t included, you do not need a crematorium nearby. Our service includes the collection of your loved one and we carry out the cremation at one of our privately owned crematoria, with the cremated remains available to collect or we can deliver them to you within 28 days (additional charge applies).

Red areas of the map show where our service is available. Unlike many other providers, we do not have tiered rates or mileage charges. Wherever you live in England, Scotland and Wales the cost is fixed at £950.

Coverage Map

Direct Option Costs

£950 – fixed cost anywhere in England, Scotland and Wales

What’s Included?

  • Direct cremation at a Memoria facility
  • Collection of the deceased – please note there is a fixed additional fee of £250 for collection from a nursing home or a private residence
  • Transportation in a specialised vehicle
  • Simple wood veneered coffin
  • Lowest cost cremation
  • Cremation fees
  • Scattering of remains
  • Fixed price as published

“I was very happy with this service, which dealt with the practicalities in an easy timely manner. It was such a relief having a well priced efficient service.

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