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Cremation Services

Cremation With A Funeral Service

A cremation with a funeral service is the most popular form of cremation. An attended service is provided and takes place alongside the cremation. They can be religious or nonreligious and this is something we can help organise.

Memoria offers two options for affordable cremation services. Our Memoria option offers unrivalled levels of quality and service for cremation funeral services held at Memoria owned crematoria and select partner sites.

Alternatively, our flexible nationwide option offers services anywhere in England or Wales giving you the flexibility to choose any crematorium.

Both options offer fixed costs which include all fees, plus options which allow you to personalise the service to meet your needs. Our cremations can offer savings of at least £1,400 compared to traditional funerals.

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Memoria Option

Our Memoria option take place at our own crematoria or via select partners. This allows us to offer the most affordable cremation services in England and Wales, whilst guaranteeing unrivalled service with many additional extras which aren’t available at other crematoria.

The price includes 1-hour services, eulogy screens, video casting, the music of your choice and modern, accessible facilities.

We can also arrange for a celebrant Minister who can conduct the service to suit both Religious or Non-Religious preference inclusive in our standard cost.

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Flexible Nationwide Option

The Flexible Nationwide option is available at any crematorium in England or Wales which isn’t part of the Memoria Group or select partners.

This option gives you the peace of mind that Memoria will take care of the arrangements, assuring you of our renowned levels of service, whilst still providing a fixed price, affordable cremation.

This gives you total freedom to choose a crematorium that suits your needs and receive a quality service at an affordable cost.

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Affordable Cremation Services

At Memoria, we believe in affordable cremation services with 5-star levels of service and quality.

Whichever option you choose, we provide everything you would expect from a cremation with a service, whilst also providing you with substantial savings. Memoria is one of the UK’s largest owner-operators of private crematoria with over 90 years experience in the funeral sector, this enables us to deliver on our promise of affordable cremations and ensure you save at least £1,200 from the cost of a traditional funeral.

Cost of Cremation Services

From £2,595 depending on option chosen – fixed cost anywhere in England & Wales

What’s Included?

  • 24-hour service
  • Advice, support and guidance
  • Collection of the deceased – please note there is a fixed additional fee of £240 for collection from a nursing home or a private residence
  • Care of the deceased by quality funeral directors
  • A simple wooden coffin
  • Unlimited Attendance
  • Doctors’ Fees
  • Cremation Fees
  • Transport of the deceased to the crematorium
  • Certificate of cremation
  • Bereavement Support
  • Funeral Service – A one-hour personalised service on a day at time of your choice (Memoria Option Only, length of service for Flexible is dependent on crematorium selected)
  • Celebrant Minister to conduct the service (Memoria Option Only)
  • Free Visual Tribute put together by our team of experts (Memoria Option Only)
  • Free use of Webcast Service if desired (Memoria Option Only)
  • Free collection of ashes in biodegradable keepsake box – £95 optional fee for delivery anywhere in the UK
5-star Cremation Services
“Very affordable service for those left with the burden of paying for funeral arrangements. The staff were very pleasant, which made a real difference at a difficult time. Thank you very much.”

Choose Your Cremation Service

Memoria Option

Funeral Service Included – selected Crematoria

The cost of a Memoria Cremation is £2,595 and is available nationwide at selected crematoria. All our crematoria are surrounded by beautiful gardens and because we either own them or partner with carefully selected providers we can ensure that you get a completely personalised service.

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Flexible Option

Funeral Service Included – any Crematorium

Find the right crematorium for you with our Flexible Option. The cost of a Flexible Cremation is £2,895 and combines an attended service arranged directly by the UK’s best crematoria operator but with the freedom to choose any crematorium in England & Wales.

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