Application for a Prepayment Funeral Plan

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Simple Option

Our most affordable prepaid funerals option is a simple cremation without a service.

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£ 1,675.00

Memoria Option

This option includes a cremation on the day of your choice in one of our crematoria.

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£ 2,995.00


Offering all the benefits of our Memoria Option with the added freedom of choosing from any crematorium in England or Wales.

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£ 2,995.00
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Fixed Price Traditional

An attended cremation including a hearse, conductor, 1 limousine and 4 pall bearers to attend a service at a crematorium of your choice.

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£ 3,584.00

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Flexible Option

A pre-paid funeral plan for a cremation booked at a time to suit your family at any non-Memoria crematorium of your choice throughout England or Wales, which includes the collection of the deceased from the place of death anywhere in England and Wales, the provision of a suitable coffin with four handles and an engraved plate to be placed on the catafalque in advance of the service, all disbursement costs and the cremated remains supplied in a suitable container to be collected from the facility.

The Simple & Memoria options relate to cremations taking place in a Memoria facility. The Flexible option caters for families wishing to use a non-Memoria crematorium closer to their home. While we offer the same service guarantee for our services as we do with the first three options, this cannot be extended to the selected crematorium in the case of Flexible option.

The prices quoted above are the totals needed to satisfy the selected option. Normally there would be nothing extra to pay.

The only circumstances where additional cost would be incurred is if a removal is needed from either a private residence or a nursing home or the deceased requires a coffin larger than 6' 3" x 24" (1.91m x 61cm). In both cases an additional charge would be made at the time of need. We only engage quality local funeral directors to work with us.

Please note that at the time of need any additional services not mentioned in the above will be payable at that time.


Please note that, at the time of need, any charges for any additional services will be payable in addition to the above.

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