Plan ahead and give you and your family peace of mind with one of our prepayment funeral plans

About Pre-arranged Funeral Plans

We are able to offer secure and fixed price pre-arrangement plans of low cost direct cremation.

Arranging to have your funeral service at our Memorial Park and Crematorium.

The cost of funeral services continue to increase each year. However, you can now arrange your funeral service in advance at our memorial park and, if contracted now, secure the cost at the price quoted below. This will not only ease the burden of decision upon your family at the time of your death and ensure you get the service of your choice; but will lessen the financial concerns placed upon them too.

Therefore, by planning your service in advance you can design and specify the exact type of service you’d like, so that your family and friends can celebrate your life as you would wish them to. Moreover, by letting your family know how you’d like your funeral or memorial service to be, they’ll have less decisions to make during a difficult and emotional time. In addition, you can, if you so wish, take away the financial need for them to pay for the same.


Increasingly, some families wish to avoid many of the costs associated with a traditional funeral. This may be driven by:

  • A financial need.
  • A desire not to have a funeral service but a memorial service instead.
  • A lack of religious commitment.
  • A desire to spend the associated costs elsewhere.
  • A private preference – such as made by the late David Bowie.

In order to provide a service that meets such demands we have developed the below low cost funeral options. These can reduce the cost of a funeral by as much as £2,000.

In the event that you feel that a traditional funeral service might involve you in the provision of a number of services that are not applicable to your requirements and so involve you in unnecessary costs as a result, we are able offer you the following four low cost cremation services:

Our Pre-Arranged Funeral Options

Simple Option

A cremation without a service time or attendance, which includes the collection* of the deceased in a suitable vehicle from the place of death, the provision of a standard coffin with four handles, all 3rd party costs and the cremated remains supplied in suitable packaging to be collected from the facility.
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£1,675.00 final and inclusive price

Memoria Option

A cremation on a specified day (to be confirmed by your family) with attendance at a service, includes the collection* of the deceased in a suitable vehicle from the place of death, the provision of a standard coffin with four handles to be placed on the catafalque in advance of the service, all 3rd party costs and the cremated remains supplied in suitable packaging to be collected from the facility. The service time slot is 1 hour** (to include arrival and departure) and can be reserved on a day of your choice. Attendance is unlimited and additional services can be provided upon request at an extra cost if desired at the time of need.
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£2,995.00 final and inclusive price

Flexible Option

As per the Memoria Option except a service to be booked at a time to suit your family at any non-Memoria crematorium of your choice throughout England, Scotland or Wales. ***
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£2,995.00 final and inclusive price

Fixed Price Traditional

This is an attended cremation that includes the provision of a hearse, 1 limousine and 4 pall bearers to attend a service at a crematorium of your choice on a day to suit you. Fees include – funeral arrangements; *removal from home, hospital, nursing home, hospice; storing of the deceased until collection by the hearse; arrange and pay for the cremation papers; supply of cremation coffin with four handles and a name plate; arrange and pay for celebrant or priest; arrange music; the cremation fee and collection of cremated remains from the crematorium.
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£3,584.00 final and inclusive price

Standard cremation coffin used for all options.
Standard cremation coffin used for all options.

The prices quoted above are the totals needed to satisfy the selected option. Normally there would be nothing extra to pay.

*The only circumstances where additional cost would be incurred is if a removal is needed from either a private residence or a nursing home or the deceased requires a coffin larger than 6’ 3” x 24” (1.91m x 61cm). In both cases an additional charge would be made at the time of need. We only engage quality local funeral directors to work with us.

** In the case of a Memoria Ltd crematorium only.

*** The “Simple” and “Memoria” options relate to cremations taking place in a Memoria facility. The Flexible option caters for families wishing to use a non-Memoria crematorium closer to their home. While we offer the same service guarantee for our services as we do with the first two options, this cannot be extended to the selected crematorium in the case of “Flexible” option.


All 3 options of quality service low cost cremation providing a distinguished service in a beautiful settings are nearly £500.00 more, if bought as a pre-arrangement plan, rather than bought now to pay for a current cremation. This is because, we have to ensure that your money is safe and guaranteed to do the job you paid us for it to do. So it is held in an independent whole of life insurance policy and ring fenced to pay for your chosen option in the future – however many years ahead that may be. Therefore, in order to ensure your money is both safe and can pay for the chosen option selected we have engaged a life assurance company that is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) and regulated by the PRA and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The result is that your family will never be asked to pay us more for the selected option at the time of need. At that time the money is made immediately available to us and these funds cannot be used for anything other than the cremation option you have selected. Please refer to the terms and conditions as printed herein for further details.


Please note that additional services, such as the provision of a religious minister or celebrant to conduct the service, are not included but can be arranged at an additional cost to the above Memoria and Flexible low cost cremation options. Moreover, it is possible have the cremated remains delivered to an address of your choosing with all three options.

Further services, such as the provision of a hearse, limousines, a chapel of rest, a selected type of coffin, embalming and pall bearers etc. are not provided. The need to provide one or more of these services constitutes a traditional funeral service and therefore this scheme is not applicable and a funeral director of your choice should be contacted directly in order that he/she can supply the same.


You are able to purchase a high quality, low cost pre-arrangement cremation plan on the monthly payment terms listed. The reasons for purchase are the same as the single payment, but you may believe that the monthly payment plan is a more applicable form of purchase for you. If so, please consult the table below. The final total cost is also included in the interests of helping you decide, by allowing you the complete transparency of the total cost of each scheme. Other than the management fee, which covers all set up costs (and is paid with the initial first monthly instalment), 100% of all other payments is paid into your Plan. Please also refer to the Terms and Conditions applicable and the monthly payment scheme below.

  Simple Memoria Flexible Fixed
  £ £ £ £
Cost of plan (single payment) 1195.00 2515.00 2515.00 3104.00
Management fee 480.00 480.00 480.00 480.00
Total cost of plan (single payment) 1675.00 2995.00 2995.00 3584.00
12 Monthly Payments
First payment (includes management fee) 579.58 689.58 689.58 738.67
11 payments of 99.58 209.58 209.58 258.67
Total amount payable 1675.00 2995.00 2995.00 3584.00
Additional cost for paying by instalments 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
24 Monthly Payments
First payment (includes management fee) 534.97 595.69 595.69 622.78
23 payments of 54.97 115.69 115.69 142.78
Total amount payable 1799.28 3256.56 3256.56 3906.82
Additional cost for paying by instalments 124.28 261.56 261.56 322.82
36 Monthly Payments
First payment (includes management fee) 518.24 560.48 560.48 579.33
35 payments of 38.24 80.48 80.48 99.33
Total amount payable 1856.64 3377.28 3377.28 4055.81
Additional cost for paying by instalments 181.64 382.28 382.28 471.81
48 Monthly Payments
First payment (includes management fee) 509.88 542.89 542.89 557.61
47 payments of 29.88 62.89 62.89 77.61
Total amount payable 1914.26 3498.54 3498.54 4205.47
Additional cost for paying by instalments 239.26 503.54 503.54 621.47
60 Monthly Payments
First payment (includes management fee) 505.10 532.83 532.83 545.20
59 payments of 25.10 52.83 52.83 65.20
Total amount payable 1986.02 3649.58 3649.58 4391.88
Additional cost for paying by instalments 311.02 654.58 654.58 807.88


In order to pre-arrange a cremation please do the following:

  • Click here to open, select the option of your choice and then complete the arrangement form.
  • Contact us to arrange payment for the chosen option by debit or credit card for purchasing a single payment option.
  • For a monthly payment plan please complete the details as requested on the application form.
  • Confirmation of the arrangements made will be sent to you by email.
  • Our staff will be happy to be contacted for advice and help in completing any of the above or to discuss the choices available.
  • The receipted arrangements will be posted to you and should be kept in a safe place.

Download Form and Apply Now

Desired Choice

In order to achieve peace of mind about your desired choice of cremation without having to make a current financial commitment to pay for the same now you only need to do the following:

  • Select one of the above options
  • Contact us
  • Inform your family, solicitor or both of your action and give them a copy (or copies) of the letter that we will send you
  • Keep the card (that we will also send you) in your wallet or purse.


Whether you have selected a Low Cost Direct Cremation or a Desired Choice Option, it is advised that you carry your Memoria Cremation Arrangement Card with you at all times. For further information or advice please contact us.