Our pre-paid funeral plan flexible option enables you to choose a crematoria anywhere in England and Wales.

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Flexible Option:

What’s Included?

Find the right crematorium for you with our Flexible Option, providing all the features of our Memoria Option with the added freedom of choosing to hold your service at any crematoria throughout England, Scotland or Wales. We will still collect the deceased in a suitable vehicle from the place of death, provide a standard coffin, with four handles, to be placed on the catafalque ahead of the service, and cover all third-party costs. Additional services can be provided upon request at an extra cost if desired. As with all our funeral options, the cremated remains will be placed in suitable packaging ready for collection, for you to respect or scatter in a way that means the most to you.

Flexible Option


  • Choice of crematoria – Cremation at any crematorium of your choice in England, Scotland or Wales
  • Collection of the deceased
  • Provision of a Minister to conduct the service
  • Attendance – This option includes a full funeral service within the terms of your chosen crematorium
  • Fixed price as published

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Why Choose Memoria?

  • Affordable quality funeral services to suit your preference
  • Nationwide coverage through Memoria crematoria
  • Over 90 years of funeral and cremation service experience
  • 5-star standards of service and facility (at Memoria sites) guaranteed
  • Help and advice with making funeral arrangements
  • Completely transparent fixed prices
  • The possibility to use other crematoria closer to your home

Flexible Option: Pre Paid Funerals

 Full Payment12 Monthly Payments24 Monthly Payments36 Monthly Payments48 Monthly Payments60 Monthly Payments
How much do I pay in the first month?N/A£689.58£595.69£560.48£542.89£532.83
How much do I pay each month after?N/A£209.58£115.69£80.48£62.89£52.83
Total costs (including management fees)£2,995.00£2,995.00£3,256.56£3,377.28£3,498.54£3,649.58

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