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Prepaid Funeral Plans

A prepaid funeral plan is an easy way to beat rising funeral costs. A funeral plan offers you a choice of service; once you have chosen a plan to suit your wishes you simply pre-pay for the cost at today’s prices. To make this manageable, this can be done by instalments, over a period of time to suit you, or as one full payment.

The average cost of a funeral is nearly £3,900 and the cost of funeral services continues to increase each year. If you’re worried about the kind of funeral you’ll have when you pass away or you’re worried about the burden of cost, then a funeral plan could be for you.

Arranging a funeral plan with Memoria secures the cost at the price quoted. It ensures you get the service of your choice while easing the burden of decision and financial concerns that your family may experience during a difficult time. Our simple prepaid direct cremation plan starts from £1,695 making Memoria one of the most affordable providers of prepaid funeral plans, with savings of over £2,000 on today’s average cost of a funeral.

Save Money With a Prepaid Funeral Plan

In the past decade the average cost of a funeral has increased by 94.85%. In the past year alone funeral costs rose by 5.5% to a present day average of £3,897.

At this rate, somebody paying for their funeral in 10 years time could face costs of over £6,700 for an average ‘send-off’. Our plans are perfect for anyone wishing to avoid rising funeral costs. Memoria funeral plans are already as much as 43% cheaper than today’s average price of a funeral.

Why Choose a Memoria Prepaid Funeral Plan?

Choosing to arrange your own cremation gives you control over where costs are spent, so you can get the most cost-effective and appropriate service for you. Specifying the exact type of funeral you would like in advance means you can be confident your family and friends will celebrate your life as you would wish them to. Moreover, by planning your cremation yourself, your family will have fewer decisions to make during a difficult and emotional time.

A Memoria funeral plan is a safe and simple way of achieving this peace of mind. Our plans fix the costs of the services at today’s prices and include the necessary fees and funeral director costs. Administered by Ecclesiastical Planning Services, every penny of the full plan value (excluding the initial management fee) is held securely. Our plans are also flexible, allowing you to add extra services or change them if your wishes change. If at anytime you move address you can change crematorium or funeral director from an approved list at no extra cost.

Choose a Prepaid Plan

I want to arrange a direct cremation plan

Simple Prepaid Plan

Direct cremation
Our simple plan provides a direct cremation, an unattended cremation without a service. This is our most affordable option and is available anywhere in England or Wales. This plan is available from as little as £1,695 or in instalments from £25.52 per month.

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I want to arrange a prepaid funeral plan anywhere in England or Wales

Flexible Prepaid Plan

Prepaid funeral plans
The flexible plan provides a traditional cremation with an attended funeral service. The funeral is organised and managed by Memoria and will take place at a crematorium of your choice, anywhere in England or Wales. This plan is available from as little as £2,995 or in instalments from £52.82 per month.

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I want to arrange a prepaid funeral plan at a Memoria Crematorium

Memoria Prepaid Plan

Memoria Prepaid Plan
The Memoria prepaid plan provides a traditional cremation with attended funeral service at one of Memoria’s exceptional crematoria, guaranteeing our 5 star levels of service. This plan is available from as little as £2,595 or in installments from £44.42 per month.

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