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Prepaid Funeral Plans

Available from £8.82 per month

Secure, fixed-price funeral plans

A prepaid funeral plan is an easy way to beat rising funeral costs. A funeral plan offers you a choice of service; once you have chosen a plan to suit your wishes you simply pre-pay for the cost at today’s prices. To make this manageable, this can be done by instalments, over a period of time to suit you, or as one full payment.

The average cost of a funeral is just over £4,000 and the cost of funeral services continues to increase each year. If you’re worried about the kind of funeral you’ll have when you pass away or you’re worried about the burden of cost, then a funeral plan could be for you.

Arranging a funeral plan with Memoria secures the cost at the price quoted. It ensures you get the service of your choice while easing the burden of decision and financial concerns that your family may experience during a difficult time. Our prepaid plans start from £1,490 making Memoria one of the most affordable providers of prepaid funeral plans anywhere in the UK, with savings of over £2,500 on today’s average cost of a funeral.

At this rate, somebody paying for their funeral in 10 years time could face costs of over £6,700 for an average ‘send-off’. Our plans are perfect for anyone wishing to avoid rising funeral costs. Memoria funeral plans are already as much as 21% cheaper than today’s average price of a funeral.

Prepaid Funeral Plans

from £8.82 per month

Please call our dedicated staff today, to discuss a funeral plan today0800 862 0158

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Choose from one of our fixed price fully guaranteed plans

All of our plans are fully guaranteed which means you get total peace of mind that all of the costs associated with your funeral will be covered by your plan with nothing further for your family to pay when the time comes.

Our new over 50’s funeral plan allows you to pay a small monthly payment that will guarantee to cover the cost of your funeral and you can relax knowing your monthly payments will always be the same. Anyone between 50-70 is guaranteed to be accepted and there are no medical questions asked.


As long as your payments are paid up to date (see full terms and conditions here).

Choosing to arrange your own cremation gives you control over where costs are spent, so you can get the most cost-effective and appropriate service for you. Specifying the exact type of funeral you would like in advance means you can be confident your family and friends will celebrate your life as you would wish them to. Moreover, by planning your cremation yourself, your family will have fewer decisions to make during a difficult and emotional time.

Choose a Prepaid Plan

Direct Plan

A single payment of £1,490.00 or, monthly payments from £8.82

Without a service

Cremation at one of our crematoria

Collection of the deceased

Fixed price as published

No additional services available

Contemporary Plan

A single payment from £2,790.00 or, monthly payments from £15.65

With a service

Your choice of crematoria

Collection of the deceased

Full funeral service within the terms of your chosen crematorium

Additional services available

Traditional Plan

A single payment from £3,190.00 or, monthly payments from £17.75

With a service

Your choice of crematoria

Collection of the deceased

Provision of Funeral Director services

Provision of a hearse and 4 pall bearers

Additional services available

Make an Online Prepaid Funeral Plan Enquiry

Our fully trained staff will be happy to discuss all three options and advise in all cases what is included and not included in each option.

To privately discuss the prepaid funeral plan you prefer please contact us by completing and submitting the below form.

Your enquiry will receive our immediate attention.

If you would like to discuss a funeral plan, contact one of our friendly team today

For help and advice call us: 0800 862 0158

Frequently asked questions:

Is your money safe & will it pay for the option selected when the need arises?

To ensure your money is both safe and can pay for the chosen option selected we have engaged a with our chosen life insurance policy provider, Scottish Friendly. The result is that your family will never be asked to pay us more for the selected option at the time of need. At that time the money is made immediately available to us and these funds cannot be used for anything other than the cremation option you have selected. Please refer to the terms and conditions as printed herein for further details.

Can you add additional services?

Please note that additional services such as the provision of a hearse, limousines, a chapel of rest, a selected type of coffin, embalming and pall bearers are not included but can be arranged at an additional cost.

Please call our dedicated staff on 0800 8620150 to find out more.

Can you purchase a pre-arranged cremation option on a monthly payment basis?

All of our funeral plans are available to be paid in full or over a period of 12 months at no additional cost.

If you are between the ages of 50-75 you can also choose to pay a low cost fixed monthly premium, payments will continue until you reach the age of 90 (or, should you die sooner, until your death).

What happens if you die after 24 months from the start date of your plan

If you die after 24 months and your monthly premiums are up to date, there won’t be any more to pay, guaranteed.

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