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Planning a Funeral

For help and advice call 0800 862 0150

A Quality Low Cost Funeral service as arranged by Low Cost Funeral Ltd in conjunction with Memoria Ltd is a cremation. It can be either an unattended service, an attended 1 hour service at a Memoria facility or a service arranged at another crematorium. It can be a religious service of any denominational or non- religious content. The service may be taken by a priest, celebrant (both would incur an additional fee) or a member of your family or Memoria staff. We will help you arrange the service and you can personalise it as much as you wish.

In the case of an attended service at a Memoria facility, the service time slot is 1 hour. This allows 40 minutes for the service, 10 minutes for the family to thank friends and other relatives for attending and 10 minutes to vacate the site. Such timing allows a family to have the facility to themselves rather than appearing to be on a tragic conveyor belt as so often the case at other facilities. Memoria believes that such privacy is a most important element in the provision of distinguished service in a beautiful setting.

The date of the funeral cannot be confirmed until the death has been registered. If a coroner is involved this could delay the funeral.

Please remember to check the deceased’s will or other written instructions for special wishes about their funeral or what should happen to their body. (However, the executor doesn’t have to follow the instructions about the funeral left in the will.)

If there are no clear wishes it’s generally up to the executor/administrator or nearest relative to decide what arrangements should be made.

The only legal requirement in the UK regarding funerals is that the death is certified and registered and the body properly taken care of, by either burial or cremation.

We will help you with decisions such as:

  • time and place of the funeral (though this can only be finalised once the death is registered)
  • type of service (religious or other) and who will conduct it/contribute.
  • the choice of funeral available and how much these cost
  • what music (if any) is to be selected
  • additional services (such as flat screen DVD or photographic display, webcam etc) and the cost of the same
  • whether to have flowers or instead donate money to a chosen charity

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