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Keeping The Grandchildren Busy Over Summer

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Schools out for the summer….

The summer holidays are well underway in Scotland and it won’t be long until the children in England and Wales break up for their summer holidays and to top it off, we have a heatwave!

Working parents often look to the grandparents, neighbours or friends to help look after children during the summer and it can be hard to think of new and fun activities to keep them entertained.

We’ve created a list of tried and tested ideas to keep the little ones going:

  • Creative painting with items found in the house – fork painting to make flowers or trees, cut the end of a toilet or kitchen roll for firework painting or go old school and carve shapes out of potatoes and make paint stamps! If you are up for a bit of messy play, paint the kids feet and hands to create different pictures.
  • Scavenger hunt – create a list of items to find in the local park. Use an empty egg box to store all the goodies and check all of the items off when you get home.
  • Paddling pool – to keep the kids cool during the heatwave, set up a paddling pool. It keeps them busy and they will love some water play.
  • Sock worms – fill old socks with rice and tie the end with an elastic band, leaving it fairly loose to allow for other elastic bands to be tied around the body. Add a face with some paper or stick on eyes.
  • Colourful chalk – the kids can draw pictures on the pavement or patio and it will all wash away with some water. They could play naughts and crosses or hopscotch.
  • Gardening – ask the kids to help with watering the plants or even some planting. It can get a bit messy but its a great way for kids to learn more about what happens in the garden.
  • Store cupboard checklist – if the weather isn’t great, go to your tins cupboard and ask the kids to pick something. You can then discuss the shape of the tin, what’s inside it, where it came from and how it can be used.
  • Set up an obstacle course in the garden – put out chairs, cushions, cones, balls, plant pots, anything you can find to make an obstacle course. Time them and the winner gets an ice cream as a prize.
  • Treasure hunt – hide toys/different coloured balls/snacks in the garden and give the children clues to find them.

There are so many helpful resources out there to fill your time and make lasting memories with the grandchildren. It’s also a good idea to check out your local council facebook page for a list of activities, opening times and summer camps. They will have lots on and will be within your local area.

Have a great summer