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Low Cost Direct Funerals

Low Cost Funeral Ltd has developed a selection of direct low-cost cremation options to satisfy public demand for the same throughout England, Scotland and Wales only. We offer two QUALITY low-cost cremation options – all at AFFORDABLE prices and all delivered to the highest standard by Directors with expertise that has been gained by over 90 years of funeral service experience.


Increasingly, some families wish to avoid many of the costs associated with a traditional funeral. This may be driven by:

  • A financial need.
  • A desire not to have a funeral service but a memorial service instead.
  • A lack of religious commitment.
  • A desire to spend the associated costs elsewhere.
  • A private preference – such as made by the late David Bowie.

In order to provide a service that meets such demands, we have developed the below low-cost funeral options. These can reduce the cost of a funeral by as much as £3,372 (Source: Sun Life Cost Of Dying Report 2018) compared to a traditional funeral.

In the event that you feel that a traditional funeral service might involve you in the provision of a number of services that are not applicable to your requirements and so involve you in unnecessary costs as a result, we are able to offer you the following low-cost cremation services:

Our Low Cost Direct Funeral Options

Direct Option

A cremation without a service time or attendance, which includes the *collection of the deceased in a suitable vehicle from the place of death, the provision of a standard wood veneered coffin and the cremated remains supplied in a bio-degradable box to be collected from the facility or returned to you within 28 days for an additional £100 charge anywhere in mainland UK.


Contemporary Option

A cremation with attendance at a specified time and at a Crematorium of your choice (additional fee applies – charged by the crematorium, typically £800-£900), *collection of the deceased from the place of death, the provision of a suitable wood veneered coffin and an engraved plate, coffin to be placed on the catafalque in advance of the service and the cremated remains supplied in a suitable, dignified container to be collected from the facility or returned to you within 28 days for an additional £100 charge anywhere in mainland UK.** A Celebrant or Minister to conduct the service can be arranged if desired (additional charge applies, typically £200).


Standard cremation coffin used for all options.
Standard cremation coffin used for all options.

Cremation prices in the UK vary from £364 to £1,070 and with a typical average fee of £850, cremation fees are included on our Direct Option package and we only charge you the fee that is charged to us by the crematorium of your choice on our Contemporary Option.

On all services, Doctor’s Certification Fees (required in England and Wales only when the Coroner is not involved) are payable at the standard fee set by government of £164 in total and are not included in the quoted price.

Cremated remains (ashes) can be returned to you by hand and within 28 days of the date of the cremation. This service is available anywhere in mainland UK for an additional charge of £100.

The prices quoted above are the totals needed to satisfy the selected option. Normally there would be nothing extra to pay.

* The only circumstances where the additional cost would be incurred is if removal is needed from either a private residence or a nursing home or the deceased requires a coffin larger than 6’ 3” x 24” (1.91m x 61cm). In both cases, an additional £250.00 would be charged. We only engage quality local funeral directors to work with us.

** The “Direct” option relates to cremations taking place in a Memoria facility without a service. The “Contemporary Option” caters for families wishing to have an attended service at a Crematorium of their choice. While we offer a service guarantee and a 1-hour slot (to include arrival and departure) for services at Memoria crematoria, this cannot be extended to the non-Memoria crematorium selected in the case of our “Contemporary Option”.

Further services, such as the provision of a hearse, limousines, a chapel of rest, a selected type of coffin, embalming and pallbearers etc. are not provided. The need to provide one or more of these services constitutes a traditional funeral service and therefore this scheme is not applicable and a funeral director of your choice should be contacted directly in order that he/she can supply the same.