Our Flexible Option offers you the versatility of choosing any crematorium in England and Wales, organised by Memoria so you still benefit from the most affordable funerals in the UK

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Cremation With Funeral Service

In the past, funerals concentrated on a religious service but as society has changed so has the way the bereaved wish to mourn. Therefore, a contemporary funeral is usually a celebration of a loved one’s life.

Our “Cremation With a Funeral” is designed to reflect these preferences. This helps make the service more personal while still allowing for any religious content required. The one hour time slot, with distinguished service in a beautiful setting make all of this possible. However, by not engaging many traditional aspects of a funeral service – such as hearses and limousines – the price can offer savings of over £1,200 compared to traditional funerals.

Flexible Option: What’s Included?

Our flexible option gives you the freedom to choose a cremation with memorial service at any crematorium in England or Wales.

This option provides a memorial service for friends, family and loved ones to attend at the chosen crematoria. Cremation memorial services are typically 30 minutes at most crematoria. You’re free to have the service at a time of your choosing, subject to availability and we will be happy to discuss these arrangements with you.

Memoria will handle all of the arrangements and provide our excellent standards of service that we’ve become known for.

Flexible Option


  • Choice of crematoria – Cremation at any crematorium of your choice in England or Wales
  • Collection of the deceased
  • Cremated remains delivered to you (if desired) within 28 days completely free of charge
  • Attendance – This option includes a full cremation with memorial service within the terms of your chosen crematorium
  • Provision of a Minister to conduct the service
  • Fixed price as published

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Why Choose Memoria?

  • Affordable quality funeral services to suit your preference
  • Nationwide coverage through Memoria crematoria
  • Over 90 years of funeral and cremation service experience
  • 5-star standards of service and facility (at Memoria sites) guaranteed
  • Help and advice with making funeral arrangements
  • Completely transparent fixed prices
  • The possibility to use other crematoria closer to your home

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