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For help and advice call 0800 862 0150 info@low-cost-funeral.co.uk

Choosing Not to Have a Funeral?
Consider Direct Cremation Instead

For help and advice call 0800 862 0150 info@low-cost-funeral.co.uk

There are many, often private reasons why people are choosing not to have a funeral service. If this is you, Direct Cremation could be the way forward.

Customarily, when a person dies, one of the first—and hardest—things their family must come to terms with is arranging their funeral.

We say customarily because a funeral service is a distinctly Victorian affair, when mourning customs first gave rise to the funeral service as we recognise it today.

But when Booker Prize-winning writer Anita Brookner passed away in March last year, she requested in her death notice that no funeral take place. Two months before, David Bowie also didn’t have a funeral, choosing instead to have his body cremated in New York without any of his friends or family present.

When a body is cremated in this way, it’s called Direct Cremation, and it’s proving increasingly popular as people realise they’re no longer beholden to costly traditional funerals.

Is it okay not to have a funeral?

There are many, often private reasons why people are choosing not to have a funeral, and they are all okay.

  • Some people simply want a no-fuss cremation
  • They might wish to arrange their own private service, away from a crematorium
  • Individuals might not have close family, or they might not have made a financial provision for increasingly high funeral costs
  • Anyone wishing to save money on traditional funeral costs without compromising quality and personal service

In 2017, we will carry out over 2,000 such cremations at our crematoria across the UK, compared to less than 20 in 2015.

Attitudes surrounding funeral arrangements are clearly changing as more and more people switch on to the advantages of choosing not to have a funeral.

There is one very practical reason why many people are choosing Direct Cremation, and that’s cost.

Direct Cremations save on average £2,800 on funeral costs

The passing of a loved one is a distressing time and financial worries can quickly become too much.

An individual might have passed away suddenly, leaving friends or family in a situation where they can’t afford a traditional funeral. Prepayment plans can help, but these need to be planned in advance.

Many people just don’t see the value in a traditional funeral, or are put off by unnecessary costs and add-ons.

Direction Cremation can be arranged for as little as £950. That’s on average £2,800 less expensive than the cost for a traditional funeral with a service in the UK and a much more affordable prospect for many people struggling with funeral costs.

Savings aside, the most important thing to consider is whether or not Direct Cremation is right for you.

Is Direct Cremation right for you?

For individuals who’d prefer a no-fuss cremation or who’d like their loved ones to celebrate their life privately, then Direct Cremations provides an alternative to service-led cremations or funerals.

Friends and family are still free to make their own arrangements to celebrate your life at a time and place of their choosing.

This could be a large gathering of friends on a day that was significant in your life or a small gathering of family at a place that meant a great deal to you.

If a service of this kind appeals more than a traditional funeral service, you should look into Direct Cremation more closely.

If you’re choosing not to have a funeral, consider Direct Cremation instead

Direct Cremation is an opportunity for a person who doesn’t want a traditional funeral to make plans that suit them and their loved ones.

It’s also an affordable alternative for individuals who have not put aside provisions for a traditional funeral.

The best way for individuals choosing not to have a funeral to proceed is to talk to an expert. They’ll be able to explain all your options and answer and answer any questions you have, so you’re fully informed to make the right decision, whatever your priorities.

Memoria brings 90 years of collective experience serving the bereaved in every way. Our dedicated, compassionate team are here to explain your options and help you to make the right choice, whatever your circumstances. Whether you’d like to discuss an affordable cremation or arrange a pre-planned funeral, we are happy to help.

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