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What Is the Average Cost of a Funeral Today?

Losing a loved one is heartbreaking, but it can also leave a big hole in your finances. The cost of a funeral, already high, continues to rise. So what is the average cost of a funeral today?

The average cost of a funeral varies according to a wide range of factors. Geography plays its part with London, as ever, much more expensive than most other parts of the country. There are also the circumstances of the death to be taken into account, as well as your requirements for the funeral. Naturally, direct cremation or even traditional cremation services cost a lot less than a traditional burial. However, if you’re concerned about leaving your loved ones with a hefty bill, a prepaid funeral plan may be the best option for you.

What Do You Have to Pay For?

Factors that play a part in influencing the average cost of a funeral today are things that can be difficult to understand in the short timeframe you have to make the arrangements. Especially if you’re in a fragile mental state.

One of the biggest costs is the purchase of a burial plot, should you choose a traditional burial. This is a land purchase, albeit a small one, and we all know the price of land these days, particularly in London and the Southeast.

Fees for a minister or official to oversee the ceremony, payment for grave diggers or alternatively fees for the local crematorium, as well as the legal cost of completing documentation, are all further contributors to funeral costs. Today, this is compounded by rapidly rising prices in other areas that make buying a coffin or casket, together with making and erecting a headstone, much more expensive.

These are all third-party fees, which may be increased further by the cost of musicial requests, limousines, flowers and catering for any service you may have. This can mount up to a large bill. Funeral Prices continue to rise, in fact according to a recent report by Sun Life, (Sun Life Cost of Dying Report 2017) the cost of a funeral has risen 4.7% in just 12 months and a staggering 112% since they first started tracking funeral prices in 2003,  this means that investing in a prepaid funeral plan not only offers peace of mind that your arrangements are have been taken care of, but also makes sound financial sense too.

How Much Will It Cost?

The amount of money you spend on the cost of a funeral is largely dependent on the extent of the service you intend to have. However, a traditional burial is still likely to cost you more than £5,000 and a basic cremation, often seen as a cheaper option, will work out at more than £3,000 with the average cost of a funeral in the UK now standing at £3,784.

Much of this cost(nearly two thirds) will go on the experience and support of a funeral director, together with many other necessities such as organising the service and dealing with the legal aspects of the death.

Third-Party Costs

The costs outlined above are based upon the most basic services for your loved ones to remember you and say their goodbyes. However, if you want something more elaborate, third-party costs can increase markedly. For instance, exclusive burial rights in a cemetery can range from £1,000 to £10,000, with the part of the country in which you live accounting for a large part of the difference.

A large, lavish service, followed by a wake for the deceased’s family and friends will also consume a lot of resources, but often this will be a cost they’ll feel they have to meet.

Using a Prepaid Funeral Plan

One of the best ways to prepare for the cost of a funeral is by investing in a prepaid funeral plan, which will save your loved ones a lot of financial anguish when they’re at their lowest ebb. You can pay the cost in instalments and specify the service you want. Even better, whether you choose to pay monthly or as a one-off, you can fix the cost at today’s prices, then sit back and get on with living the rest of your life and leave your family facing fewer difficult decisions later on.

To find out more about reducing the average cost of a funeral today by taking out a prepaid funeral plan, contact Memoria. We specialise in offering quality funerals at  affordable prices. All of our prices and fixed and guaranteed to pay for the funeral service in full when required.  Moreover, your money is kept safe in an insurance policy with Royal London Life until needed.


What Is the Average Cost of a Funeral Today?